Cassie's Garden
Bringing the outdoors indoors

Hand Painted Jars

I individually paint each jar in a variety of flower motifs and then match than with a pretty cloth top and check ribbon bow.

The jars can be used for a variety of different items. Stationery, Sugar, Sweets, Jewellery.

What will you put in your?


My hand-painted jars are available in four different spaces/sizes/

Small square: Height: 7cm

Medium square: Height 9cm

Medium round: These are sweet/spice jars for have a flat edge on side so that they can either me upright or tilted to the side - Height upright: 8cm - Height on side 9cm

Large: Height 10cm


Wedding Favours

Would you like beautiful and unique wedding favours for your wedding day.

I would be very pleased to discuss commission work to provide my hand-painted jars for your big day.


Gift Sets

Gift set created from my hand-painted jars.

The sets come in three sizes and contain the following

Small Storage Case: £15 - 2 medium jars, Sign, Card and Gift Tag

Medium Storage Case: £20 - 2 medium jars, 1 small jar, Sign, Lavender bag, Card and Gift tag

Large storage case: £28 -3 medium jars, 2 small jars,

Lavender bag, Rose Petal bag, Sign, Card and Gift tag.

If you would like a gift set created for you, please use the contact form on my home page to get in touch

Jars and sets are also available to purchase from my shop on Esty - - Search for shop name : CassiesGardenShop